My thoughts on [yellow tail]

When people find out I’m a wine blogger who specializes in inexpensive wine, I am almost guaranteed to be asked about my opinions on [yellow tail] wines. Whereas [yellow tail] makes my life as a wine blogger more difficult by adding eccentric punctuation to the brand that requires use of the shift key every time I type their name, they are a, if not the, major player in the value wine category.

In my opinion, [yellow tail] is the standard to which I compare all value priced wines. [yellow tail] is available almost anywhere and, while certain wines they produce are better than expected, they have a very standardized taste, price, and quality that is pretty consistent everywhere. That being said, if someone tries to sell you [yellow tail] for more than $13 a bottle, you are probably being ripped off.

[yellow tail] is a great way to try out new wine types, or varietals, knowing that you aren’t investing too much to expand your horizons. I’ve found that their best wines consistent across the years have been Shiraz and Pinot Grigio. This wine is from South Eastern Australia, a place from which I have found many excellent yet affordable Shiraz brands. In fact, any Shiraz from Australia is my hot route (the on-the-fly play by the quarterback to counter an unexpected blitz by the defense) at a restaurant when I need to select a bottle and don’t recognize anything else that is in my price range.

Enjoy [yellow tail] for a good wine for making a nice dinner at home where you are not trying to impress. Try out their [yellow tail] reserve wines when you see them, they tend to be priced about $4 above the regular bottle and are well worth it.


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