Wines You Might Like

Here is a short list of wines that I have enjoyed and should be available under $20 in your local drank establishment. I specifically called this section “Wines You Might Like” because everyone’s tastes are different. This will be a work in progress and hopefully a useful reference for you. Prices reflect what I paid for a normal sized 750 mL bottle in the D.C. Suburbs.

Dry Reds-

Sebeka Cape Blend ($11)- This South African gem has great full flavor and spice. Plus the cork has cheetah spots.

Terrazas Malbec ($10)- You’ll find Argentine Malbec to be a cheaper alternative to California reds while maintaining quality.

Yellow Tail Shiraz ($7)- This is my favorite [yellow tail], very drinkable and very affordable.

Marietta Old Vine Red ($12)- Excellent with red wine foods (like steak, lamb), one of the best affordable California Reds

Sweet Reds-

Mouton Cadet Bordeaux ($12)- Very easy to drink and a good intro to French Wine. Simple and smooth.

Dry Whites-

Cavit Pinot Grigio ($11)- An excellent Pinot Grigio with a crisp fruit flavors. Just add Adirondack chair, a sunset, and enjoy.

Ecco Domini Pinot Grigio ($13)- a very drinkable and widely available Pinot Grigio. Call this one out at nicer bars to ball on a budget while looking classy.

Sweet Whites-

Chatau Ste. Michelle Reisling ($11)- Honestly, not a big fan of Reislings, but this one is drinkable and pairs well with lighter spicey foods (think thai food)


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